Norbank 2003

Photo of part of the Norbank Launch event  staged in an ice hookey stadium in Hamburg . The show used large format ETC Scrolling Projection and 24 automated winches to provide the backdrop to a stunning  production that describes the history and mythology surrounding the North Star.


The most Challenging part of the show was designing the rigging and chosing lighting positions in  such a way that no shadows of the 35 tons of rigging,  lighting and sound equipment were cast onto the Cyclorama   projection Surface

 As you can see in this photo some of the lighting instruments were placed on the ground to enable the aerial performers to be lit iincluding 4  of the eight follow spots used in the event.

Detailled image that illustrates the use of Multiple gobos  to create some of the  textures used  in the show

The last part  of the event was a concert given by    Jon Bon Jovi .

 This took place within the arena on a side stage with a completlly separate lighting rig that lowered into position at the start of his set.

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