Lighting Design

Lighting design solutions tailored for your project, ready to discuss any type of event to allow your event to become a reality. 30 years of experience in the live events, exhibition, museum and live TV broadcast worlds have given me a vast range of knowledge and skills that I can bring to your design.

Contemporary Lighting Design

Using modern pre-visualisation technology, Paul Cook is able to create the best possible event and can share with you the potential of the installation before getting on site



Innovative Design Solutions

We will use the most innovative technology along with bespoke ideas to help you to create the best event. My 30 years of problem solving has enabled me to have a vast array of possible solutions to hand, from the using correct low lux level for a fragile museum exhibits to the mega watts of lighting equipment for concerts and events. I have designed for the whole range of lighting use cases and will apply all that skill base to your project.

Guiding Light with Expert Capabilities

Boasting over 3 decades of experience in bringing a range of spectacular events to life, from London’s iconic New Year’s Eve celebrations to the London International Horse Show, Paul Cook Lighting Design are committed to delivering the best for your event. Whether it’s a business event, product launch or a private party, we can provide the best lighting solution for your event.

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